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Celta Vigo vs Barcelona Highlights

Celta Vigo vs Barcelona

20′ GOOAAALLLL!!! LUIS SUAREZ! What a wonderful Barca free-kick! It’s 1-0! Messi appears to be lining up a shot on the edge of the area but instead lifts a gorgeous cross to his strike partner at the far post. Onside due to the two defenders on the line, Luis Suarez heads in.

50' GOOAAALLLL!!! SMOLOV! It's 1-1! Celta are level with a beautifully crafted goal. Yokuslu is sent clear by an outstanding Aspas pass and then takes his time before squaring for Smolov to turn a finish past Ter Stegen. Barca have work to do!

67′ GOOAAALLLL!!! LUIS SUAREZ! It’s that man again, with a huge goal for Barca! 2-1! The striker collects a touch from Messi and spins in the area before arrowing a low shot into the bottom-left corner. Clinical.

88′ GOOAAALLLL!!! ASPAS! That could be a massive goal in the title race! It’s 2-2! From a similar position to Messi’s first-half assist, Aspas curls in a wonderful free-kick, keeping his shot hard and low and deceiving a static Ter Stegen. Celta are back on terms.

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