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Manchester United vs Bournemouth Highlights

Manchester United vs Bournemouth Live Score

GOAL Man Utd 5-2 Bournemouth (59 mins) A brilliantly taken free-kick from Bruno Fernandes extends Man Utd’s lead

GOAL Man Utd 4-2 Bournemouth (55 mins) What a goal! Mason Greenwood drives a sublime right-footed effort past the keeper

GOAL Man Utd 3-2 Bournemouth (49 mins) Game on! Josh King steps up and slots the ball home

GOAL Man Utd 3-1 Bournemouth (45+2 mins) What a goal! Anthony Martial cuts inside and powers the ball into the top right corner

GOAL Man Utd 2-1 Bournemouth (35 mins) Marcus Rashford scores a cool penalty to give the hosts the lead

GOAL Man Utd 1-1 Bournemouth (29 mins) Mason Greenwood finds himself in space and drills a powerful shot home

GOAL Man Utd 0-1 Bournemouth (16 mins) Bournemouth lead! Junior Stanislas tucks away the ball at a tight angle

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