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Manchester United vs Chelsea Live Score

Manchester United vs Chelsea Live Score

45′ + 11′ CHELSEA TAKE THE LEAD! Giroud gets goal side of Lindelof in the box and he sticks a leg out to reach Azpilicueta’s cross. It looks like De Gea has it covered as it hits the keeper, but he can’t stop the ball from crossing the line. 1-0 Chelsea!

46′ MOUNT SCORES! It’s a poor pass from Williams as he chips it to Fred and it’s intercepted by Mount. He isn’t closed down by the defenders and he drills his shot low from the edge of the box. De Gea judges it wrong and misses the ball before it nestles into the bottom corner. 2-0 Chelsea! 

74′ Own goal Harry Maguire

85′ FERNANDES SCORES! It’s a confident penalty from Fernandes as he steps up to take the spot-kick and he hops before firing his shot into the bottom-left corner, sending Caballero the wrong way. 3-1!


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