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Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Live Score

Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Live Score

45′ + 4′ GOALLLLLL!!! GIROUD FINDS THE NET ON THE SLIDE!!! 2-0 CHELSEA!!!! The Blues score a second before the break as Giroud displays great desire to scoop his effort around Coady into the net. Pulisic starts the move with a burst forward before Mount takes over. He sends the Frenchman through on goal, and Giroud knocks the ball past the onrushing Patricio. There’s still work to do as Coady gets back, but Giroud bustles past him and slides to connect with his left foot to guide the ball home.

45′ + 1′ GOALLLLLL!!!! MOUNT SCORES A STUNNER!!! 1-0 CHELSEA!!! The Blues take the lead on the stroke of the interval courtesy of a fine free-kick from Mount. The midfielder bends his effort over the wall from the edge of the box and it curls away from Patricio into the left corner of the net. A super effort from the England man.



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