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Barcelona vs Bayern München Highlights

Barcelona vs Bayern München Highlights


89′ GOOAAALLLL!!! COUTINHO! EIGHT! WOW! Bayern are showing no mercy! Thiago crosses, the ball is headed down and Semedo cannot clear. Coutinho is on hand to score again! EIGHT!

85′ GOOAAALLLL!!! COUTINHO! IT’S SEVEN! The Barcelona forward scores against Barcelona! The loan man stabs past a static Ter Stegen and almost looks embarrassed to have netted.

82′ GOOAAALLLL!!! LEWANDOWSKI! He gets his goal! It’s 6-2! What a goal! Bayern are queueing up on the edge of the area and eventually work the ball left to Coutinho. He crosses to Lewandowski, who cannot miss. There is a VAR review, as the striker looks borderline offside, but the goal is given!

63′ GOOAAALLLL!!! KIMMICH! Now it’s five! Kimmich stabs in from close range, but this goal is all about Davies! A little quiet up to now, the left-back turns Semedo inside out, races into the area and puts the ball on a plate for Kimmich. Outstanding.

57′ GOOAAALLLL!!! SUAREZ! Surely not… It’s back to 4-2 to Bayern! Boateng has some painful memories of facing Barca in the Champions League and, where previously Messi humbled him with his close control, now Suarez cheekily chops past the defender and fires into the bottom corner.

31′ GOOAAALLLL!!! MULLER! BAYERN LEAD 4-1! Barca simply cannot handle the Bundesliga champions! Their defending has been truly woeful – against one of the best attacks in Europe! Muller gets across Pique and prods in the fourth.

27′ GOOAAALLLL!!! GNABRY! Now it’s 3-1 Bayern! Gnabry gets in behind Lenglet, holds off the centre-back, and thrashes a finish past Ter Stegen. Where will this end?!

21′ GOOAAALLLL!!! PERISIC! Bayern are back in the lead! 2-1! Perisic fires a powerful finish straight through Ter Stegen from the left side of the area. This is turning into a classic!

7′ OWN GOAL!!! It’s 1-1! Alaba scores a stunning own goal! Incredible! The defending so far has left an awful lot to be desired and Alba is in on the left to square for Suarez. Alaba gets there first but completely mistimes his clearance and sends the ball arcing over Neuer.

4′ GOOAAALLLL!!! MULLER! Bayern lead 1-0! This is such an open game already! Muller pokes a left-footed finish across Ter Stegen and into the bottom-left corner for the opener.

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