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Olympique Lyonnais vs Bayern München Highlights

Olympique Lyonnais vs Bayern München Highlights

88′ LEWANDOWSKI SCORES! It’s from a free-kick on the right and he drifts back into the middle of the box. He rises above his defender and heads the ball past Lopes and into the back of the net for his 55th goal of the season. 3-0 Bayern!

33′ GNABRY HAS A SECOND! Perisic’s cross is through Denayer’s legs and Lewandowski misses the ball first time as he slides in but gets it on target the second. Lopes pushes it away to Gnabry and he scores an easy tap-in to double their lead. 2-0 Bayern! 

18′ BAYERN LEAD! Just seconds after Lyon hit the post, Gnabry scores a wonderful goal! He picks it up on the right wing and drives inside, past four Lyon defenders, before firing his shot past Lopes and into the top-left corner from outside the box. 1-0 Bayern! 

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