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Barcelona chief Josep Maria Bartomeu ‘promises to resign if Lionel Messi stays’

Barcelona chief Josep Maria Bartomeu 'promises to resign if Lionel Messi stays'

Josep Maria Bartomeu is reportedly prepared to resign as Barcelona president if it helps the club retain the services of Lionel Messi.

After weeks of speculation, it was confirmed on Tuesday evening that the 33-year-old has expressed a desire to depart Camp Nou during the summer transfer window.

While the Catalan giants have been performing below their high standards on the pitch, there is also turmoil behind the scenes with a number of relationships said to have broken down.

According to TV3 in Catalonia, the controversial Barcelona management figure “would agree to step aside and let his board end the term” while calling for new elections, which were slated for March 2021 after Barcelona lost 8-2 to Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.

The report suggests that Bartomeu would want Messi to publicly identify him as the biggest issue for wanting to take on a new challenge.

Manchester City have emerged as genuine contenders to sign Messi, with the Premier League outfit prepared to agree terms which would allow the superstar to move elsewhere at the back end of his playing days.

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